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About the service Easima

Each student, professor or engineer often faces the problem of having to quickly solve mathematical problems of a particular type. Some need to plot a function graph, some need to multiply two matrices and so forth.
Everyone has probably been in a difficult situation without the right tool or means of solving a problem.

The purpose of Easima is to facilitate the process of solving many math problems.
At the moment, the following tools are available:

A graphing calculator online:

This service allows you to draw regular, parametrically set graphs (like y = f(x)) or point-by-point graphs without making you, like many other programs do, search for the result across a 2D plane. The service will automatically pick the right zooming level to make sure you see the entire graph in front of you. You can also draw several graphs on the same plane simultaneously. If necessary, you can share a link to a graph with your friends or put it up on a social network.
Besides, you can also insert an interactive widget with your graph or several graphs into your blog or website.
The product also allows you to print the result and download a graph as an image.

Easima is an online service, which means that you won't need to look for, download and install any software. All you need is Internet access from any device: a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
This means that you always have access to the most up-to-date set of features.
Moreover, you can always contact the developers of the service directly or address your questions to experiences users in social networks.