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Questions - Answers about drawing of function graphs online

How to enter X squared (X to the second power)?
To raise something to a power, use the ^ character.
That is, to enter “X squared”, use the following syntax: x^2.
You can raise any expression to a power (just don’t forget about brackets): (2x+3)^4.
How do I enter a square root, cube root?
To enter a square root, use the sqrt() function or x^(1/2). The second method can be used for entering a root of any power, for instance: x^(1/3) – root of the third power from X (don’t forget about brackets).
How to enter a modulus?
Use the | | characters (modulus brackets) or the mod() function.
For instance, the modulus of X can be entered as |x| or mod(x), the result is identical.
Can I draw several graphs on a single plane?
Yes, it is possible to draw several graphs on one coordinate plane.
To do that, click on the necessary type of graph in the “Add a function graph” area (located under the first function’s input field): :

You will then see another field for entering a function (or points, if you chose the point-by-point graph type). Fill out the necessary fields and the graphs of the entered functions will be created on the same plane).
How to share a graph with friends?
To do that, click the “Link to this graph” icon:
Copy the link from the appeared "block" and send it to somebody you’d like to share your result with.